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kitchen spatula holder


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11 Apr 2004
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Paignton Devon
Making a tool holder for kitchen spatulas at the request of a daughter as per picture below together with a piece of sapele.

preparing the sapele to size using the bandsaw, the cut face does not need to go through the thicknesser a sanding will finish off at a later stage.

Starting to prepare the openings for the spatula handles, the drill press does not go deep enough so holes are started off with a forstener bit and finished by hand with a spade bit. The drill press was a bit hazardous, the sapele was balanced on some spacers, I stood well to the right hand side when drilling. :wink: :twisted:

Holes completed

Spatulas in with cling film to safeguard handles from glue. The holes have some packing because the handles are oval in shape and needed inserts inside the holes to maintain an upright appearance when completed.

So another session tomorrow.