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Kitchen helper stand


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27 May 2019
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I've finally got round to putting the finishing touches on the design for a child kitchen helper stand, since its my first real foray into woodworking I was hoping for some advice on the design.

Initially I was going to have a step to assist getting to the stand but my little boy is pretty good at climbing onto the sofa which will be higher than the stand I don't see much need to add to the footprint. He does have a bit of a tendency to rock about so I've had to add some form of footing so its not so easy for him to tip over.

I've come up with either a 45 or 60/30 degree feet but I think they could look a whole lot better than what they do. Is there something else that I could do that would fit in with the design?

Here is a link to my sketchup in the 3d warehouse, https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/ ... lper-stand if it would be better for me to just post pictures I will add some later.