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12 Feb 2021
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Hi all,

I thought I'd post here to ask for some advice from experianced fitters. I really would appreciate any advice as I am able to fit kitchens but I am slow (admittedly) as I am quite hesistant with alot of the small details and planning that goes into kitchens. I have fitted around 10 kitchens in my career of 9 years, I didn't have the luxury of working as an apprentice fitting kitchens but I've managed to work most of it out and i'm always happy with the end result and it looks good. I do alot of made to measure wardrobes, storage, bookcases so I'm more than capable of wrapping my head around a drawing and installing units but the step that slows me down the most is setting up the initial corner units.

The process of placing the units in position and creating the corner post is where I'd spend the most time, it just seems to take alot longer. I start by getting the units in position, levelling them both next to each other and then it's a case of measuring and seeing how the corner post affects the rest of the run of cabinets. If it's going to make the cabinets pull away from the wall then obviously you'll have to either trim the back of the base cabinets so you get a square corner post. Worse case you make the corner out of square slightly if it's really bad but you never want to do that if you can help it. I'm currently installing a kitchen where the corner is a full height larder unit with a full height end panel and a base unit with a 500 door. It's proving difficult as you have to reference from the bottom of the carcasses and you have no top rail to square off. I'm sure i'll get it sorted and no doubt we've all been there.

Any general fitting tips are welcomed

Thanks all.


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14 Apr 2021
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I just find it easier to spend 10 to 20 minutes setting out on the floor before humping carcasses around. To that end a 360° cross line laser can be used to determine how far out the walls are from straight and how square the corners are, and a spirit level gives me an indication of plumb and straightness of walls. Before going onto lasers, though, I used to carry a folding 1 metre builders square (Stanley) and a chalk line to do much the same task.