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27 Oct 2014
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Just testing to see if any interest to anyone before I go to a lot of trouble, if mods think it is in the wrong place please move it to for sale.

Looking to see if there would be any interest in putting these in the Items for sale thread, Woodworking magazines going back to the 1980's through to late 1990's at this moment I don't know how many there are of each.

I'll start with the Woodworking Crafts this was limited to two hard folders as can be seen on the cover page.

Woodworking crafts1.jpg Woodworking crafts2.jpg

Woodworker magazines there are quite a few of these I have yet to get them all out of storage, a lot of valuable information in these.

Woodworker1.jpg Woodworker2.jpg Woodworker3.jpg

Fine woodworking magazines again lots of them and full of information all in real good condition, there is also a hard bound book Fine woodworking 3 book but I cannot get to it to take an image at this moment.

Fine woodworking1.jpg Fine woodworking2.jpg Fine woodworking3.jpg

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