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Jones and Shipman of Leicester England 1932 drill press


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4 Oct 2010
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Ottawa Canada
In 1898 the Company founded in Leicester England by Frederick Pollard and Frank Shipman A. A. Jones and Shipman of Leicester makers of machine tools was just a spot in the coal yards. In1905 Alfred Jones joined the business and in 1911 Pollard left to start F. Pollard and Co a rival company. Pollard would become famous for there bearings joining Ramsome and Hoffman.

By 1917 Adverts for Drilling machines and sleeves and sockets were in the trade and 1919 Adverts had Drilling machines and other tools.
1918 Add

1933 add

By 1920 Jan Issued catalogue's had a full range of machine tools. In September 1920 at an Exhibition of Machine Tools and Engineering at Olympia J&S show cased a large drilling machine for work on burrer forgings for the railways.

In 1934 A range of motor driven machines exhibited at the Machine Tool Exhibition at London Olympia by J&S were the fist of there kind in England.

In 2009 the factory where all theses great machine machines were made was demolished

today Jones & Shipman is a world leader in the supply of high quality, precision Surface, Cylindrical & Creepfeed grinding machines and systems. From simply beginnings they are now in aerospace.

One runs into things now and again and as of a few days ago I knew nothing of J&S. It was not until I found this 1932 press(in Ottawa Canada) do I look into them. As with all thing OWWM(Old woodworking machine) knowledge is king. The previous owner of this press had no idea of its maker. it was just old and heavy ,two of my Favorited things 8) .

for $125 I called it mine. I will find something for it to do hell I will put a pencil sharpener in it. I just had to get it what the hell. With old tools some time you just don't have a need but that never stop me before :lol:

This thing is mint boys
did a run out read .001
One more bit of English kit.
English machines