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24 Aug 2002
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I'm bet you’re sick of me saying this, but sorry I haven't been around. This past month two of my cousins have moved into new houses so I've been helping them with that plus the list of mums for ours! I haven’t even been in the workshop for over 3 weeks - that's how bad it's been.

I've got a new (long awaited - been saving my pennies for what seems like years) tool coming on Tuesday or Wednesday, a Jet 60A so I'll have no excuse but to lock myself in the workshop for as long as possible.

If I remember correctly when I mentioned that I'm was thinking of buying one many months ago some members said they've got one or were also ordering one? I'm guessing to assemble it I'll need at least two people to lift the jointer onto its base? Have you got any tips on setting it up or any problems you had which you've now overcome?

Anyway, once I get into the workshop I promise that I’ll update the site