JET Jet JDP-15B-M Bench Pillar Drill reviews

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19 Jul 2020
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I'm actually close to buying a Nova machine, but there's one or two issues which may well influence your choice - firstly, those sold in the UK do not have the laser 'sights' - not 100% sure why, so you'd have to buy an add-on one if you need that facility.
I see there are 5 different model numbers for world sales (USA, NZ/Australia, Canada, Europe and UK) . The laser feature is not available in all markets. That suggests it's possibly due to compliance and all CE marked units would be affected. Not sure if the laser option is available in Europe? The laser is a Class 2, which should be OK, but there are two laser modules, perhaps the outputs are classed as additive and the level exceeds allowable levels.
They give a part number for the laser modules (8379043), so there would be nothing to stop you buying the modules and fitting them yourself. This issue is quite common with far eastern manufacturers where they 'misunderstand' or try to get round requirements. Someone suggested it's due to poor accuracy and reliability of the laser modules, but why just in some markets. It looks like a really good machine. I like all the technology features, but as soon as I see firmware and drill press in the same sentence I shiver. At least it's not Bluetooth 😁