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Jet DC1100A extractor ( Vortex Cone )


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12 Feb 2010
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Formby, Merseyside
I bought one of these JET extractor units, with the fine cartridge filter last year off fleabay. I have previously run Kity, DeWalt and Fercell bag units. All gave good service, but belched dust into the air through the top bag on start up. The cartridge filter has proved itself to be a blessing. Airborne dust from the extractor simply does not happen, and the filter also does not get blocked.
I would advise anybody to save there pennies and invest in a cartridge filter if one is available for their machine.


Duncan A

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8 Nov 2007
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I haven't got one, but I do have a Jet 1100 and lots of people on the internet have made their own mods to the Jet 1100 and reckon it's as good as the 1100A.

Here's one http://www.cgallery.com/smf/index.php?t ... 500#msg500

Phil Thien reckons the Jet cone is a poor relation of his baffle. Either way a lot of people seem quite pleased with the results:
Apparently the Thien baffle is a similar idea to the jet, and quite a few people have built it into their dust extractor. Apparently Phil Thien is going to make retrofits of his system: http://www.forums.woodnet.net/ubbthread ... t=all&vc=1
Another Oct 2011 comment by PT: I should have retrofit Thien Baffles available for testing in approx. two weeks. That is provided the laser cutting shop I use will be able to slide a smaller sample job between some production runs (they should be able to, they've been very accommodating in the past). I tried cones when I was prototyping. They worked okay at preventing chip scrubbing. My baffle shape worked soooo much better than cones on the fines, though.
Cones are one of the first shapes I played with. They worked okay for chips, not so hot on fines.
DC with a Thien baffle:
Jet DC w/ Cone:
Note how much the debris in the bottom bag of the Jet unit is spinning. That level of agitation is going to re-suspend fines and send them right to the filter.
Pay close attention to the unit w/ the Thien Baffle. The dust slowly falls to the bottom of the bag, then stays put.

A number of others have made cones ala Jet such as this one: http://www.talkfestool.com/vb/machines- ... -woks.html

Cheaper than buying a new DX and very likely just as good.