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Its alway the way


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22 May 2003
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portsmouth, UK
Hi all,
Have been after a old
stanley #5 for a couple of years. Few people have told me to go to boot sales but every time i have been, never seen one. So i decided to purchase one off e-bay which i received this morning after a lot of hassle. Anyway off i go to work happy as larry,even the weather is not going to change my mood as working in doors. Turns up at the job gets tool bag out of van and puts it down in customers hallway and starting hanging the doors.
customer asks if i want a cup of tea,and notices my new number #5
in my toolbag >He tells me that he has the same plane himself that his dad gave him but never uses and would i like it :shock: I said that i was interested and he went of & got it along with a record #5. Tried to give him some money for the pair but he wasn't having it he said he was happy in knowing that they would be put to good use. So ending up knocking £20
quid off the job as just couldn't take them off his hands for nothing.

So having searched for one jack plane i now have three!
Will post a couple of pics later.

Anyway off to search out posts by alf on how she gets these plane up like new on this forum.


Chris Knight

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14 Jan 2004
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SE London - NW Kent
Simon - good score! Certainly makes sense to pick your customers! And perhaps you need a couple of apprentice pieces to excite the interest of potential gifters?