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Is offset and a roughing cut a sensible way to avoid tear out with template routing?


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4 Nov 2015
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Cumberland, uk
@julianf, If you currently use a cnc for wood can I suggest using CamBam as your software, the forum is one of the best for support in any aspect of the process.


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17 Sep 2011
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Wst Sussex
As per the title.

Ive watched a number of youtube videos suggesting that as much material should be removed prior to routing, with a bandsaw etc, but no videos advocating an offset roughing cut on a router.

Why is this? It would be simple enough to do by using an oversized bearing, so there must be a reason why its not done?

Im asking from the point of view of someone who does not have a bandsaw....

Thank you.
You just need the right cutter.

Try the easi tip cutters from Wealden tools....I've used them many times to follow a template after rough cutting on the bandsaw.

In fact recently I machined out some 15mm thick Siberian larch - a template to cut off a section 15mm wide by 75mm long - I didn't even bother removing the waste, it just machined it off easy.


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8 May 2013
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You are probably right, but it's the wrong biological climate for me to be travelling between towns to stand about with a load of other people.

I mean I've probably left our village less than ten times in the past year!

I do, however, have a friend who is and has always been a professional joiner (mainly hardwood window frames) whom I'm sure would advise when everyone is slightly more mobile again.

Most of what I do ends up in a good result as I'm fussy, but just takes me too long, due to lack of understanding of proper technique.
I think most people go through this phase especially when your making different pieces all the time.
Every project usually ends up introducing news skill, or skills that you might have used years earlier that the little grey cells can't remember.
Don't go overboard watching youtube. The majority of items made have been produced umpteen times before filming.
Very few people get that first off exactly correct. Even Norm made mock ups that he used before producing the real thing and often referred back to it for measurements etc.
Turning your hand to be able to make every shape and form using ability and the tools at hand, coupled with budget and money restraints, and profit and loss will always be a big issue.
Just keep plugging away.