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Incra Ultra and differneces to the Lite version


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Hi all

I was asked in another thread (Neil's great review of the Lite) about any differences between the Incra Lite and Incra Ultra fences. I have posted a few pictures here to show the differences and they should be viewed alongside Neil's review of the Lite.

This post is just to highlight the differences, not to critisise the Lite as in use it will be every bit as good as the ultra . i.e absolutely fantastic!!!!!

The things that swung it for me were the extending stop, fine adjuster on the red stop and the 4 scales - oh, and my wife was paying :lol: :lol: :lol:

The main differences are:

The Ultra has a more sophisticated end stop device for the stop cutting operation which as an extending, locking 'ruler' which allows better fine adjustment.

The Ultra has an additional extending end stop that fits into the rear of the main fence and will extend about 20" beyond the router table edge

The fine adjuster is anodized ali and looks better thought out on the Ultra with scales that appear to be superior to those on the lite (nothing much wrong with the lite that I could see though)

You get 4 slots to put scales in for making joints (3 on the lite)
The main support piece (with scales in) that holds the fence to the rear clamp must be about 15-20mm wider as it has the 4 slots rather than 3 and so is probably stiffer.



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7 Oct 2003
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Great stuff, Tony - as I said to you by PM, I did give serious consideration to going for the Ultra - the price difference was just enough to swing it the Ultra-Lite's way.

Its certainly a lot smarter looking!


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