Incra positioner and fences

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19 Feb 2015
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North Cumbria
Still working on a new bench design with the router built in and the questions keep coming. I know with this Incra setup and the wonder fence you have a precise means to offset the two fence halves so you can edge trim but what about triming wood edging on ply where you need a space under the infeed fence to accomodate the wider edge trim before it is machined flush. I currently have a jig that sits on my Kreg table for this task but looking ahead it would be nice to have this ability as part of the new design, so is there any capability already present in the Incra system?

I will be using 20mm holes to locate the Incra positioner using an adaptor plate and one idea I have come up with is to insert an extra 10mm under the adaptor plate or just have a thicker plate for this purpose and also the same under the fence to support that and now there is a space beneath the fences which sounds like a good idea, anyone see any issues?