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Ideas or links please - Wall bracket for a ladder type stair


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Hudson Carpentry

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4 Nov 2010
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Nottingham, UK
What im looking for is a set of brackets that attach to a wall that will pivot a set of "wooden" ladders to an angle.

Customer currently has some wooden ladders screwed to a wall (100% vertical) to which they use when accessing the loft space. There landing is the size of an access hatch. Using loft ladders would mean the ladders would either rest on the stairs or though some doors. As they use the space daily they don't want to keep messing about with ladders, plus if someone was up there no one else can use the upstairs.

I have recommended that we move the hatch and install loft ladders or even a stair case. Space is limited but I said I would quote for both.

My idea was using some kind of bracket that allows the ladders to sit flush to the wall but when used they pull out to an angle.

Ill push for moving the hatch as thats the safer and to regs option but still need to quote for the original enquiry.

Any ideas for the pivot point or links to brackets for the pivot action would be great tar.