How shall I make the top?

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Hi all

I posted a tutorial on houndstooth dovetails tonight and need some advice on the top of the box.

I have cut a rebate and the top will be fully removable rather than hinged as I felt that a hidden top was needed so as not to spoil the DTs

The top will be maple BUT what about the design???

I currently have 3 ideas:
Make a diamond shaped mahgoany handle in the middle - about 40mm*30mm and 6-8mm high

Fit a recessed mahogany piece in the top so that it sits flush but is scalloped with a sort of grip in there

Use the fret saw and some patterns Gill kindly sent me to cut out a nice design from the top - sort of ethnic design but needs to be angular with the periphery diamond shaped

Any advice or ideas?


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3 Sep 2003
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Hi Tony

I'd suggest whichever design complements the dovetails. My thoughts are that you'd need something quite angular but simple, preferably with some contrast between the motif and the background. The trick will be to make sure it doesn't get too fussy and detract from the effectiveness of the dovetails.

The first option sounds preferable to me - keep those patterns under wraps for the time being and you can astound us all with them later ;) :).