How do I lubricate and clean Diamond Sharpening Stones?

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24 Aug 2015
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Not the files, but sharp corner scrapers. Files run just askew will go right past the mouth with only a little care toward not allowing them to cut slightly deeper around the mouth as their contact pad changes (that would probably be lapped out, anyway).

Scrapers on the other hand (think like a chisel with a 90 degree edge on the front but with the edge radiused a little) put a single point of contact and scrape the cast off - when they trip off of an edge into another one, they can chip it.

I've never had a fatal issue with a file, though - just another reason that I like it (it's faster than scraping, too. Only danger with a file is pinning, and that's just a finish issue (cast doesn't hold together that well so pinning should be minimal). Best remedy for pinning in actual large draw filing use is to discard the rules of "never pull a file backwards" and pull the file backwards every several strokes. It does wear a file slightly more quickly, but you'd have to value your time at about 50 cents an hour to make economic sense of stopping and carding out the pinning when a light back pass every several clears the teeth. Actually, it's probably negative value on time to not do it as not having to file out an area that was scratched deeply by a pinned bit of metal waste is a huge time saver.

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