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Hose sizes for a nilfisk 2621 and a cyclone


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22 Mar 2019
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Stoke on Trent
Current have a nilfisk 2621, and hooked up to the table saw, the hose outlet is reduced so much where the handheld attachments connect that it’s struggling to get everything out of the saw.

Initially I hoped to just get a replacement hose with a wider end to hook up to the table saw, but then thought about a cyclone.

I’m clueless about the hose sizes, and what hose I would need to get to go from the nilfisk to the cylone, and from the cyclone to the table saw.

I also move the hose to my router table and mitre saw, so would like to be able to use the ‘cyclone’ solution in the same way, but the outlets on the mitre saw and router table are not as wide as the table saw.

How best to do this?