his normness takes the safety cake again!


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12 Jan 2003
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while watching norm yesterday (2PM H&L) i witnessed some of the worst shop safety that i have EVER seen.

1) "PLATE joiner" inverted and clamped to a work-bench:
he then preceeded to biscuit joint some small pieces, holding his hands VERY close to the "business" end of things

2) brad nailer
he nailed a mitred joint where the stock was aroung 1" width, as he brought the nailer down on the work piece, BOTH fingers were either side of the joint!!!!!!!!
a small knot or inaccuracy with his brad nailer, and that brad would have breached the side of the piece straight into his finger/hand.

don`t get me wrong, I LOVE norm, but i would have to say that "hands-down" I couldn't watch what he was doing.

I was unlucky enought to amputate my little finger on my right hand 5 years ago. ( with a 9'' grinder). I was SO VERY lucky that I didn't do far more damage and even more lucky that they managed to bodge the end of my finger back on :shock:
I physically can`t watch somebody being dangerous anymore!

I know we all keep "bleeting on" about safety, but if it educates people and manages to stop just 1 injury, then its worth it!

irresponsible actions of tv presenters is unforgiveable, even more so if they SHOULD know better.........