Hinges that allow DG windows to open like wooden windows / doors


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17 May 2012
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South West Wales

We'll be getting some new double glazing soon, in aluminium. One thing I've always disliked about double glazing is how the windows open and move toward the centre of the opening as they open more. I would much prefer it if they opened like a normal butt hinge opens a window (or door for that matter).

When it comes to friction hinges, I see that the egress / fire safety hinges allow for this.


- Are they only available for side hung windows? Is there anything out there that allows a top hung window to open 90 degrees to the frame like a butt hinge would?

- Do the egress hinges have less friction than standard hinges? Would the windows be more likely to swing about int he wind, etc.?

- Aside from egress / fire safety hinges, are there any other types of friction hinges that do what I'm after?

Many thanks

PS - sorry to ask about aluminium windows on a predominantly wood focused forum!


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17 Oct 2019
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We have just ordered new windows, mostly upvc on cost grounds, to replace some old draughty ones. Using the same installers that did our aluminium sliders last year, a small family outfit with a boss/surveyor who knows what he is doing. We got a quote from a bigger outfit and the salesperson didn't have much idea, all about selling standard stuff. So first advice, try and find a decent installer who can talk you through the best options.

We will end up with conventional casement hinges in most places downstairs, upstairs will appear the same and open fully 90 degrees but have a release button to slide the hinge along to partly reverse the glass for cleaning, easy clean they call it. One long narrow awkward window will open inwards from the top for ventilation or handle the other way open fully inwards casement style. The ones behind the kitchen sink will be top hinged with a restrict or button so they can open a bit for vent with no chance if wind or humans opening them more, but press button to open more. The current casements are a nuisance, if they get opened too far you can't reach the handles so have to walk round the outside of the house to push them closed.

All of this came from discussion and ideas from the installer as we went round, "have you thought about...." plus lots of other good stuff like which shape handles are best for my wife's slightly arthritic hands.

So, get one or more decent people round and discuss.