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14 Dec 2016
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hi All I was left a roll of yellow sticky backed carpet protector after the plasterers left , it is said to leave no residue behind, so being tight fisted sod I thought I wonder if this will work on plywood, and yes it does and comes off without leaving and mess behind, I checked on tool station site, and it is about £22 for 25 meters 600 mm wide, cheaper than shelf lining per meter, the only draw back it can be a pipper to get off the roll, there are 2 other different ones on the site, but all say the same, a pipper etc and one is only a tenner, you pays your money and takes your chance, but I will definitely use it again.

I have not been doing much scrolling for two reasons #1 ) I fell x 2 and damaged my left shoulder x 2, and # 2) we have decided to stop doing most craft fairs, so wont be a need for plaques etc, I did make one of Steve goods queen Anne tables - well it looks like one bowed legs etc - I did a slight modification I made a loose fitting lid and put a bottom in as my good lady like to put stuff in drawers etc, I have been doing, in fits and starts, three large trivets for some of her plant pots, designed two and used a Steve goods pattern for the bulk of one down the center , and will add bits round the side to finish it off, so am now looking to do a large intarsia project, I would love to do a very large eagle / hawk but just cannot find a pattern I like or could enlarge, any suggestions anyone please, would be well received, and also still want to have a go at making a wooden sea shell, I got a pattern off Facebook to do and optical illusion star which I have cut out ,just needs finishing I have another project I am interested in getting started on, making a dust collection system on the scroll saw, I have got some 5 mm round plastic tubing so and thinking one each side of the arm and two underneath , going into a 12 m plastic pipe, which will be sorted out to fit on the end of an old Dyson hoover, but first of all I am still awaiting word from Axminster on what they intend doing about the arm drop problem, it looks like it may have to be a letter to the CEO, to remind them, they, like Boris Johnston are not above the law, and here's me thinking I am / have not been busy, and I cut out a Cupid mobile figure from Alex fox's site so that needs finishing, and how about some garden mobiles aka scrimpers site for the summer, umm revamp my shop, do some more puzzles aka Hans meiers site, also do some work on the band saw, finish putting blinds etc up after the plasterers, get my mobility scooter sorted to take the dogs out when my shoulder gets better, revamp my compost heaps, guess I aint going to have time to go to sleep.

take care

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