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27 Dec 2021
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West Sussex
Hi all. I'm getting back into woodworking after a lot of years away from it (mostly just making things out of code and some 3d resin printing).

Probably a similar route to many others, found some interesting YouTube channels which reminded me how much I enjoyed it, cleared out the garage, and started bashing bits of wood together. After a few weeks of that, I started using tools, worked much better.

One small problem with most of those YouTube channels is they're all American, so they talk about lots of things that sound great, like SawStops and planers and four-quarter wood, which mostly doesn't make sense or aren't available here, so I've been lurking here to find out what works best for a UK hobbyist woodworker instead.

I'm working out of a cramped single garage (hoping to move soon, maybe to somewhere with a bigger workspace), but in some ways the lack of space helps keep me focussed. I can't easily get distracted by a new project if the old project is taking up all the space! I've got three little helpers who like to join in when I'm making, so I've got them sanding the end of a small piece of wood square - 4 years they've been at it now, still not there ;)

Right now I'm working on a project with my son (a simple, small, wooden clock) and a picture frame (sort of layered thing, think a photo montage with hanging photos in front of it). After that, I'm going to try some edge-grain walnut and oak (or something lighter) chopping boards.

Looking forward to improving my limited skills and paying it forward when I do!