Here's a bit more info about my Aussie Toy Plans

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25 Jul 2012
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Noticed several members have expressed interest in what my Wooden toys look like compared to theirs, so here's the answer, and, ( with luck ) some photos, and links to my two online sites.
Although I consider my wooden toys to be simply wooden toys,- others say they are more like wooden Model-Toys,- you be judge on this subject. I do say my Mobile Crane is more a Model-Toy than simply a Toy, as it is based on a real fifty tonner telescopic boom crane,- and everything works too, while my trucks, tractors, and farm implements are set to scale, ( 1;20, or, 1:15 ), for a more realistic appearance.

Besides the Wooden toys, ( and Toy Plans for sale ), there's my Wooden Signs, -see separate topic in this section, and I also design and make collector's clocks, plaques, & coffee tables, featuring Australian muscle cars,- Shall do a separate editorial on them in this section at a later date.
Websites ( 1 )
Has heaps of general info on the mainpage, then about 40 photos of my work underneath.
( 2 )
Online webshop which sells some of my Wooden Toys, Wooden signs, etc., for me.

Coming up, ( with luck ) several photos of my Mobile Crane, which I also use on my Business card as well.
'ave a good day, and happy woodworking


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