Help to make french doors - without twist!

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Troll Hunter
11 Jun 2013
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Is is going to be painted or left natural? if painted you might want to consider plywood for the main structural elements and add egdetrim strips for the stile edges, the thickness can be built in layers - a 20mm and 2x 8mm (for balance) gets you 36mm which is only 1mm more than a standard door thickness, though there is no reason not to do it a little thicker if you wanted (2x 20), so you can reduce the width a bit without losing integrity.

Laminating them up will be a fiddle (and make sure you do it on something properly FLAT), but the whole thing will be as stable as anything will be, and a good quality birch ply will take paint really well.

It's not conventional I know, but will negate several of the issues with solid natural wood and cheaper than accoya, though I can't say about the multiply natural wood mentioned.