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Help me find a planer thicknesser


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21 Oct 2015
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East Yorkshire
Hi everyone.

I came to the realisation a while ago that a planer thicknesser would aid me a great deal.
I started looking around and after some confussion between the differences between a planer, a thicknesser and a machine that does both, I learned of how much a decent machine would set me back.
Many of you use dedicated thicknessers and told of the modifcations you can do to enable them to function as planers also, and in learning this i decided this is what i wanted.
The price was very high, though, and I couldn't really justify it considering i’m a not very well off hobbiest.

I then came accross the old DeWalt DW 1150 planer thicknesser combo machine. These were well built little machines that would do exactly what i wanted and could be had for a couple of hundred quid.
I’ve been looking for one ever since and have only come across two; both of which were bought by the time i’d asked the sellers.

I haven’t seen any about online now for several months, so am wondering; are there any other 90s era planer thicknessers that are good quality and can be had for a similarly low price as the DeWalt?

Many thanks!



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29 Jul 2018
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I spent the better part of 4 years waiting for the right planer thicknesser to come up locally(incidentally was a Surface Planer and thicknesser separates in the end), they're always sold within a couple of hours of being listed as there is always massive demand for them. This area of the country is pretty terrible for trying to buy anything like that as they never come up for sale anyway, so you've got to be quick on the trigger when they do.

I think someone was selling a Dewalt Planer on the for sale part of the forum a couple of days ago, I also think there's a pretty decent Kity for sale at the moment there too.

The brands I would look out for in your size and price bracket would be Dewalt, Elu (exactly the same as the Dewalt), Kity, Electra Beckum, Metabo (exactly the same as the Electra Beckum) or Scheppach.

If you decided to stretch the budget a little bit you could shoot for a Sedgwick, Wadkin, Luna, Whitehead or Multico which would last indefinitely due to the build quality.

It's all a patience game.