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David Swallow

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9 Apr 2021
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Hello, great to find a UK forum to share ideas. I am David, starting a career in woodworking after 30 years in banking. I live in Leicestershire, working from a small barn at home. The pandemic caused my old work to dry up so I made the jump. I love the ability to be creative, to not spend hours a day commuting and the challenge of dealing with customers.

I would put my skills at good and growing, with lots more to learn, so I hope to share and gain plenty of knowledge. My current focus is on natural edge furniture, cutting boards, kitchen islands and anything people will pay me for! As I am a one man band I find the work is lumpy, and I am currently exploring what else I can do to fill the gaps. I attended a kitchen fitting course, which was good but I’m not sure it‘s for me - kitchens are a very personal thing to the owner and it feels like minor issues can become huge, quickly.

I’m wondering whether to get a CNC but as space is tight the shaper origin looks interesting - but expensive, so I’ll be looking out for any opinions.

In the meantime, hello again and thanks for having me!



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3 Nov 2013
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In a forest in Wales
Good luck with the venture and welcome to the forum.

Have a look at the Yeti CNC, not cheaper but a viable option to look at comparative to the Origin. It is not as space hungry as most CNC in that class and potentially more flexible than the Origin for large pieces.

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