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22 Aug 2004
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I have read a few messages about the best way to heat workshops. I have an old telephone exchange as my workshop that is about 32 x 10 feet area and about nine foot high for workspace. It is fully insulated/double glazed but still has quite a chill when the weather is cold. I have bought two panel radiators made by Bionaire that have two settings 500w and 1000w and each has a clear thermostat indicator. I have set each to 500w and put the thermostat at about 21 degrees. They have made the workshop very comfortable to work in and on the reckoning of energy used will cost me about 70p a day (7 - 5 0'clock) on a timer. Panel heaters I have owned in the past have been pretty ineffectual but these really are very efficient. If anyone is near Salisbury there is a shop there selling them for about £20. They work for me maybe they would be the answer for someone else. Jim