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Heads up - Wivamac complete setup for sale soon


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6 May 2012
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Hi guys,
As these don't come up used very often I thought I would give you a heads up.
I got a used wivamav DB801 for my (big) birthday last year but circumstances meant that I was unable to use it for quite a while.
I literally only played on it for a couple of hours and made a small paper clip bowl, a small plate and an eggcup!
I have purchased a sharpening system for it but only used this the once to sharpen up the chisels that I got.
It just seems criminal for it to sit there when I never get round to using it (I spend most of my time on my scrollsaw) so it is time for it to go to a good home.

I will be selling it as a complete package comprising of:
Wivamac DB801 Vario
Wivamac A frame stand
Robert Sorby proedge plus deluxe with additional proset and long grind jig
Chuck with extra set of small jaws for penmaking etc
Drive centre
3 different tool rests (including bowl rest)
Drill chuck
Load of chisels (about 10 I think)

Hopefully I will get a chance to take photos today or tomorrow and will post everything with a price as soon as I can on the for sale board.
You can get info on the lathe from www.toolpost.co.uk


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