Harrison Jubilee for sale


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30 Nov 2003
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South Derbyshire, UK
I hope it's ok to offer it for sale on here? I have a Harrison Jubilee lathe that I need to sell to create some space.

I need to have a workshop re-organisation/rationalisation and wondered if this might be of interest to anyone who might have been looking for a lathe, before it goes on in the paper/ebay.

I bought it several years ago from a local schoolteacher (for £175 I think) who had himself bought it off the school. Because of this it comes with interlock switches on the opening bits and a knee level safety cut-off switch. I have just never really got into turning, cabinetmaking is my main interest.

It is not pristine - it came in battleship grey undercoat but I recently stripped, cleaned and painted it. However, it's in a servicable condition and built like a battleship - it weighs 418lbs! The bearings are fine and it all works well. The motor is 3/4 hp and continuously rated so it will work all day long - motors were real motors when this was made. It has the outboard bowl turning attachment.

I don't have any pictures tonight but will take some at the weekend if anyone's interested. I guess many will have used one in their schooldays but the following links have pictures (ignore their price though):

http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/Clients ... ances.html

also a bit of history at:


It come with a single (inboard) faceplate but Axminster supply matching parts for both end of the spindle. I have a collection of older turning tools plus a couple of new Henry Taylor gouges to sell. I also recently bought a new Oneway Talon chuck to match. There seems to be no problem getting accessories to suit the spindle (1"x 10 tpi I think)

If it's of interest to anyone please feel free to make me an offer - email me. If anyone wants a look I'm based in Repton, Derbyshire near the A50/A38 junction. I'm sure that it has to be a better proposition than some of the 'starter' lathes on offer for a similar price. I would prefer to sell the whole package as one lot but if anyone wants the lathe alone that's ok and I may sell the tools/chuck later.




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3 Mar 2005
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I'm not interested in buying. But my local Woodworking Class (Secondary School) has one of these. Allthough it looks ancient, its really nice to work with. Stood the test of time.