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Hardwood plywood suppliers in UK ?


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Guys, here is Ireland I can only get 15mm and 20mm approx hardwood plywood, There is also some really thin stuff like 3mm or something. I am looking for stuff for the bottom of drawers, and even the sides of some of them so I guess 7 or 8mm would be about right thickness for this.

Now I am looking for hardwood plywood not MDF as I need to stain it and it must look the part with the rest of the piece being solid cherry.

So I am wondering about importing a batch of this if I could get it and having a supply for a few months if I could find a supplier cheaply.

Can this be bought in the UK ?



Hi Noel, try http://www.clarkswood.com/

They have "Decorative" Ply, Chipboard & MDF i.e. veneered with cherry, oak or whatever. They have cherry veneered MDF in 6mm & 9mm. I know you stated that you didn't want MDF, but as its veneered with cherry, it might suffice. They also do real wood edge tape as well as solid cherry planks

you might also try http://members.aol.com/slhardwood/