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Wanted HAND SAWS wanted to purchase - wanted for a beginner woodworker.NO LONGER NEEDED THANKS.


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22 Aug 2017
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New Zealand
Hi Chaps, I am starting a Hand Tool Foundations in Woodworking course. We have been provided with a “Required Tool List“. I need assistance with acquiring the following saws:

1) a 20 to 28” 5-7 PPI, Rip saw;
2) a 20 to 28” 8-12 PPI Croscut saw
3) a backsaw 12 - 16”, 10-14 PPI, crosscut

I have the other saw sorted. I will need to get the saw professionally sharpened for the first time out as I will be learning sharpening fairly early on in the course but after we have used the saw to make a project. I am willing to pay for someone to arrange the sharpening of the 3 saws and of course to ship them to me. At this time I am unable to arrange for them to be sharpenEd here.

Anyone got some spares hanging around, unlike to be used anytime soon? Please let me know your price!!

Thanks to you all for your comments, advice and assistance. Cheers Robyn