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Great finish for wood flores


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11 Feb 2004
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Hi all,
Over the past two years I have been building a green oak conservatory which has a solid oak floor that I milled myself. I don't like the look of varnish because it forms a film on the surface of the wood. I wanted a finish that would soak into the floor like an oil finish but I was concerned that the oil would make the floor dirty. So I thought I would let you all know of the fantastic finish I discovered. Its called OSMO POLY X, a blend of different oils and waxes. You scrub the oil into the wood, finishing with the grain. Leaving the first coat for 24 hours you then apply the final coat. It dries with a slight sheen but if you want more of a shine you just buff it up. It is tea coffee and fruit juice proof. The best price I could find on the internet was supplied by FLOORSTAR LTD. If somebody lets me know how to send a couple of jpeg pics. to this site I will.

Best wishes
Mike Macconnell.