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Hi Wood1000,

I thought the name rang a bell and when I looked on the web site you gave, bingo yes I know these tools, I have some. Over hear they are sold as Power Pro, not top quality, but budget price, but to be fare they not bad either. I have one in the NYW router table and it works fine, I also have one with a fixed base and that has the same size motor 1250watt, but seems to run better than the one in the RT.
That is the only tools I have from this manufacturer and as I say they are budget tools but work OK. The fixed base one I like the best of all my routers 4 in all, the D handle I find evry comfortable to use, much better than the bog standard ones we only have to choose from over here with a handle each side.
You guys over the pond, don't know how lucky you are with all the great kit you can get, compared with what we have to put up with and at lot lower prices.
I hope this is of help, I speak as I find, they work, well the 2 routers I have do anyway.


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6 Nov 2002
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Welling, Kent
Hi Wood1000 Yes - woodtek's right. They have a large (and seemingly growing) range. It's all budget stuff, all perfectly usable, but aimed at the DIY market rather than the woodworker. They use LOTS of plastic wherever they can. I've got a drill press for occasional use made by them, and I have to say, I'm very pleased with it. A pal of mine has a sliding mitre saw complete with a totally useless laser, and the pre-set stops are very inaccurate. Once you re-set the fence, it cuts as well as a DeWalt for less than a quarter of the price. The routers seem to be a strong point. I don't own one, but the 2000 watt half-inch model was reviewed in a UK magazine recently, and they really sang its praises, saying they were amazed at the price. The ergonomics and dust extraction came out particularly well. I'd say their stuff was worth checking out, especially if you're buying for occasional use or on a tight budget. You do get a helluva lot for your money - but then here in the UK, we get ripped off something wicked. You wouldn't believe what we have to pay for DeWalt (which is only Black and Decker with a yellow casing, isn't it?). Hope that helps!