French Cleats For Workshop Storage

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26 Dec 2017
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United Kingdom
There has been a recent thread enquiring about the loads that can be hung on french cleats and what thickness ply is needed.

Today I needed to do some maintenance on part of my own workshop storage and it created an opportunity to share a few photos.

The photos that follow all show a setup made from 12mm birch ply, 8x4' sheet simply battened off an un-insulated outside wall. The ply got a wipe over with wax as it's what I had at hand when I was making it and has lasted a few winters in what is a pretty cold and rather damp space. Stupidly, I pushed a benchtop up to the bottom of the airgap behind the boards and today I noticed that blocking the airflow has encouraged the damp with some rusting screws and a bit of mould in the bottom left corner.


So, I've just swapped out a whole bunch of the woodscrews with #4 stainless equivalents before the rust could become a problem.

I've rearranged this lot many times since I put it up and added a couple of moveable shelving units. even though the boxes now take up half the wall, I still think that the cleats suit me much better than fixed cupboards.



The box of mini Systainers weighs in the order of 50Kg loaded. and I put 4 cleats on the back to spread the load out.


The slim rack is for chisels and woodturning tools (and an errant vegetable knife !) - I can swap it over depending on what is flavour of the month . Most of those tools are boxed in the dry over winter when I'm not using them regularly, but the convenience is having a place to put them up off the bench when they're in use. It only takes a few minutes to swap over.


Hope this encourages anyone else that wanders by and is thinking of trying out the same kind of arrangement.