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11 Jun 2018
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NE Scotland
asito":2152qnqx said:
Used to have the Titan vac from Screwfix but got rid of it as it was so loud!
Happy owner of an old Henry now - does what it needs to and its very quiet! Attaching it to various tools is a bit annoying tho.

Henry also, I bought a generic replacement tools set, hose end connects no problem to my evolution circ saw, haven't tried it on anything else yet though.
I got my Henry for free as "it suddenly stopped working and wouldn't turn on", took it home, plugged it in just in case it had cut out due to having blocked filters....turned on without issue.
washed the filter as it was manky and smelt awful (bought a new one though and kept the old for spare), also replaced the hose kit (it stunk awful also)
Lovely and quiet, especially compared with my panasonic upright and the vax 121 wet n dry, though the henry can't shift the dog hair from the carpets.