For sale - Trend Mortice and Tenon Jig

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20 Feb 2004
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In the eternally wet North
This is brand new and surplus to requirements now that I have my 'rat.

Axminster are selling it for £160 ... 78&recno=3

and I am offering it to UKW users first for £115 plus postage before I put it on eBay.

This is the spec supplied by Trend.

■ One set-up for both mortise and tenon giving perfectly fitting joints.
■ Fully adjustable for compound angle joints up to 45 deg.
■ Reversible templates to produce round and square end tenons.
■ Templates can be used for accurate dowelling applications.
■ Cuts mortise & tenon sizes of 1/4” (6.3mm) to 5/8” (15.8mm).
■ Guide bushes are included but cutters are required.

Material thickness min. ____________12mm
Material thickness max. ____________50mm
Width of material max.+____________100mm
Tenon size min. __________________4.8mm
Tenon size max. __________________16mm
Angle tilt compound ____________-10 deg to 45 deg
+ unlimited if wood repositioned
5 x Guide Bushes
4 x Clamps
1 x Guide Bush Collar
1 x Set-up Bar
Dowel Joints Double Loose Tenon Setting-up Square Tenon Routing The Mortise
Universal Sub-base

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