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6 Nov 2004
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Hi all,
On a kitchen i jus fitted, the customer asked for blum kitchen accessories, some pate holders, dividers and a cuttlery tray, after installing them and the customer giving the ok with the, they then decided that they were too expensive for their budget, unfortuneately the packaging had been binned between the installing them, and the customer changing their mind.
so i cant take them back to the supplier or anything, and im stuck with them! so if any of you wish to take them off of my hands then i would appreciate it. I will post up the prices i paid for them and then the best offer gets it!
first up is the cuttlery tray. its for a 45cm deep drawer, the overall dimensions are 422 x 477 x 64.
heres the picture:

I paid £44.32 for it, so the best offer gets it!
next up are some dividers, measurements are 422 x 490 x 64
the dividers in the middle you can move up and down within the holes in the sides heres the picture:

i paid £20.45 for them each, i have 4 up for grabs.
and lastly are plate holders, they are expandable so you can fit different sized plates in them, they expand from 195 to 336 at the widest point and are 170 tall. heres the picture:

i paid £32.23 each for them, and i have 4 to sell. you buy them in pairs so ideally i would like to sell them in a pair, but if only one is needed im sure something could be arranged.
I dont have much idea for the P+P pricing on these items, so i will take it out of what money i get for the items, please bare this in mind if you wish to buy something.

Thanks all,