For Sale: Axminster Thicknesser

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12 Mar 2003
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Saxmundham, Suffolk
I have decided to sell my Axminster thicknesser, bought new 18 months ago and used for less than 2 hours(!) - it still looks like new. Maximum width of stock is 12" (318 mm), max thickness is 6" (153mm). Complete with floor stand, user guide, and 100mm extractor take-off. It is suitable for workshop use (would go very well with a jointer) or on-site.

Which model?? The machine is labelled the CT356 and the user guide which was in the box is for the CT344 (Axminster's current model). My understanding is that I bought from a batch just as they were renumbering the range. Certainly, the machine matches the CT344 guide in all details.

I can demonstrate the machine in Saxmundham for anyone who fancies a trip to the Suffolk coast, or I can deliver in East Anglia or possibly within reasonably easy reach of London.

The current catalogue price for the CT344 and floor stand is £410; I am asking £225.

Please PM me if you are interested - Roy