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For Alf, et al, from a 'round, spinny folk'!


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26 Feb 2003
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Herefordshire, UK.
'Pologies. Promised to post some pics of spindly things last week but UploadIt has been u/s. Just managed to upload 'em tonight! (Now looking for a new host).

This one is of a simple table lamp from a chunk of old yew log. Just turned one end, removed the bark from the rest, bored vertically and horizontally for the flex (no Part P in sight!), varnished, put on a lamp holder and shade to light up the little delight alongside:

Just after I started turning a pal gave me a lump of 4"x4" oak for a Christmas present which I turned into the spindle for this plant stand. Base and top also in oak, fixed with round m&t joints turned on the lathe, oil finish:

With a plant on, it normally sits in our hallway. Had to make a few more of these to meet family demands.

This frame, in zebrano, was originally the holder for a gallileo thermometer until the dog decided to swish it off a windowsill. The small 'weed pot' to the right is turned from a banksia nut. Both finished with sanding sealer and friction polish.

After the thermometer was busted, put the nut inside the frame and stuck in a flower!