First router set up looking for advice on best procedures?

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18 Dec 2017
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Hello fellow tinkerers,

I've got my first shiny new 1/4 router, the dewalt one with a fixed base and the extra plunge one as well. I'm looking for best practices on some things I've made by hand and I dont want to get into bad habits from the start.

I'm not new to power tools I've been a builder 20 years.

Pick 1; I've got a tile that I've painted and I'd like to mount it in a nice oak frame, I'd like to rebate the back to a given depth and was wondering what is the best practice to do this? I'd like to learn about using templates, would this type of routing be good to practice with templates?

Pick 2; I've sawn/chiseled out the frame on the inside to create a rebate at the front, what would be the best way of doing this?

Pick 3; I inserted these small wenge pieces in the corners of this and others frames, by saw and chisel and again I'm wondering what would be the best way of achieving this look with my router?

I know I could search the internet or youtube but I don't particually like learning that way as I/you don't know if they actually know what their at, basically I trust you guys more,lol..

Many thanks in advance. :)


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11 Oct 2014
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What youre doing and want to do is much easier if you mount the router in a table.

Doing these things with a hand held is completely possible, but extremely difficult to explain on a message board.
Usually you would mount a half inch router in a table, but again, thats not carved in stone, just easier. In this case, you tube is your friend.