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Firewood. Or not.


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19 Aug 2015
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So a few months back. Possibly days. Time is playing funny tricks on me at the moment. There was a fella at my better halfs fitness rigmarole, who, while chatting with my mrs learned I dabbled at wooding stuff. Oh right he said. I have some wood in my garage that was there when I bought the house. I think its proper wood it's nice colours and heavy sort of thing description. I've been burning it on the fire.
My mrs asked if I wanted it. Ermmm...do bears s#it in the wood!?!
Some perspective. This fella is a good guy. Builder who has done well. He collects nice cars. 10 nice fast cars. Ok.... I'll take it. :roll: it could be proper fire wood but who knows? I had secret hopes mind.
Months passed. Possibly minutes.
Mrs popped round this morning and came back with this lot.

First lot of varieds. Some of the bits had type written on. Chalk is mine. The rest are guess work.

This lot all seems to be bubinga. New to me but written on one piece and all seem to match. The two that don't are the bits where one is standing and another lying down next to it. They are heavy but maybe same wood different tree.

There was some more wormy sap pine ish wood but I'm not taking any chances with that and it's going in the fire pit.

The pau rosa and anjan I had to look up online on the wood database.
Properly dense and heavy.
All going in storage till I have a proper use for it. Ideas on a postcard please?
I wonder what else went in his wood burner? ?

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12 Apr 2019
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Trevanion":1zt2pso1 said:
> Using what is clearly seasoned, rare and exotic hardwoods for heat
That's the only wood I use for heat. Occasionally I cut some up to make things, too.

I should probably apologize.