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Fine Height Adjuster for the PC7529


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MKI (left), MKII (right)

I use the Porter Cable/Flex 7529 in my router table. It has a handy fine height adjuster which allows me to accurately set the bit height exactly where I want it. The trouble is the dial is small and when the router is inverted in the table, it’s working against gravity which makes it tricky and awkward to use. To get around this I made a simple ‘thingamajig widget’ which simply slips over the built-in fine height adjuster to give greater control. It’s simply a scrap piece of wood with the right diameter hole drilled in one end and shaped for comfort.

Turning the peice on the lathe

I made the first one a few years ago and as I didn’t have a lathe then I shaped it with just a block plane and sand paper. It’s had a lot of use over the years and is pretty worn now, so much that it’s lost its grip – time to make a new one.

I started by planing a piece of oak to the correct dimensions, then cutting it to the rough length. I then planed the 4 corners with a plane to save time on the lathe. Once mounted in the lathe I turned the shape for the handle.

Finding the exact measurements

Once the turning was finished I then drilled the hole in the end with a forstner bit using my drill press. I used a clamp to hold the piece, taking care to make sure I was drilling vertically.

I then cut the excess off the other end and sanded it smooth. To finish the piece I just gave it a coat of clear wax and that’s it – all finished and ready for use…


01 02 03
Turning the peice on the lathe 06 Finding the exact measurements
08 09 10
MKI (left), MKII (right)


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