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Festool plunge saw new version


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24 Apr 2012
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Hi guys I don't get to do much on the tools these days but being flat out I've had to dust off the tools.

We have been doing a fire damage contract on a community building where we have renewed the roof etc.

I had the job of fitting the kitchen this week, so dug out my Hitachi skill saw & it has seen better days, I have been looking at buying a new saw so the hilti rep brought out a new guide rail & 22v bat saw which I tried Friday, excellent bit of kit but does not plunge.

So started browsing net ended up on various sites inc here & the rest as they say is history.

Bought the new 55mm Festool plunge saw yesterday with 2 rails & joint bars, had a long hard think about whether I could justify the expense whilst stood in the shop! :?

Well after using it for worktops etc yesterday I can confirm it is a superb bit of kit which will pay for itself, the only downside up to now is the annoying 110 lead that you plug into the machine this has come out of the machine quite a few times already.

The quality of the cut has surpassed what I was expecting, you can cut worktop & laminate it with no spalling at all, depth & plunge easy to set up.

All in all great bit of kit although not cheap, have already got its next job lined up slabbing up fire door blanks :D


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23 Apr 2008
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A Wood Haven
You need to twist the plugit cord once its in the tool. It clicks in really firmly once you've done this. Twist again to take it out.

Don't feel bad I did the exact same thing with my first festool!