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Sold Festool Domino XL DF700EQ REDUCED £625 now £600


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10 Nov 2006
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Boston Lincs
Downsizing continues, Not used this for around 3 years now since I retired so it's time to let it go along with other Festool
Items I will be listing soon, I now only do woodturning.
Comes as seen in used condition with the sustainer, 3 trays one nearly full of Dominoes , Power lead , 2 cutters both used 8mm and 12 mm along with the spanner , I have seen these selling for around £850 , I will offer this one at £650 NOW £625, Reduced again £600 , Not keen on posting as I do not have a big enough box , All I can offer is to roll it up in some decent thickness cardboard and strap it with industrial strapping, You would then need to arrange a courier to collect from my home , sort the courier and sort the insurance value and pay the courier , Once gone from my home ( collected ) I am no longer responsible for any loss or damage
Payment is either cash on collection of direct bank transfer , I think we all know what a domino looks like so I have not done loads of images,

9A39D62E-0540-4A5F-BAD3-99009009E86E by https://www.flickr.com/photos/150639903@N08/, on Flickr
578C7637-F680-4216-8323-E37ED3DE1FFF by https://www.flickr.com/photos/150639903@N08/, on Flickr
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