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FAO Triton Router Owners - a slight modification


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2 Feb 2005
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Crowborough, East Sussex
I've had my Triton long enough now to know how good it is, so I was quite surprised yesterday when I couldn't wind it up (from beneath the table) to change a bit. I had to finish what I was doing, so I dropped it right down, plunged the spindle-lock pin manually and changed the bit that way.

At the end of the run, I removed the router and examined it carefully, found the problem and I believe I've now solved it. The router hangs beneath a Rousseau insert, secured through it by four screws into the baseplate threads.

I'm making a number of kitchen wall cabinets in MDF (client wants to match an existing and to paint them). I've made the doors with a matched CMT rail and stile set, then rebated a 12mm panel to fit in the groove. Hence, quite a lot of routing MDF - which was the cause of the problem. The dust had found its way down the plunge rod and filled up the plunge spring release cap. It had compacted so hard that it resisted the rack and pinion winding gear!

To solve the problem, I've now inserted a rubber grommet in the southern ends of the plunge rods, although I accept that I could remove the spring and leave the cap off.

I've not had this problem when routing any other stock, just MDF. You might never encounter it, but if you do, don't try and force the winding gear, just remove the cap.


Barry Burgess

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25 May 2005
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On the Triton forums in Aus they advise that you remove the spring if using the the router table which i have done. It is also advised to blow out the micro adjuster and used WD40 or their equivalent
I have had no problems with MDF following this advice