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Steve Maskery

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26 Apr 2004
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I spent a very pleasant couple of hours today walking along the banks of the Thames between London Bridge and the Millennium Bridge. There is a fantastic display of superb photographs taken from the air, of all sorts of interesting things and places on the planet. Quite amazing. If you get the chance, do it.

Some can be seen here, although they are a small subset and not so impressive on the small screen as on the posters.

London was deserted. And I am going to write to the National Gallery about the most rude security official I have ever come across. I was taking a Chinese friend and I was ashamed that she had to be spoken to by a jobsworth who treated us as if we were already guilty of an attrocity. No-one objects to security measures in the present climate, but surely security and politeness are not mutually exclusive?

If they have already sent him on a training course they should ask for their money back.

Grumpy old Steve.