Fancy a FREE Axcaliber Premium Bandsaw Blade?

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Mine came today too. Got as far as opening up my old DeWalt bandsaw and it is rammed with sawdust. So need to clean that out first before I fit the blade and try. Will report back when I get to this.
Great offer and thanks for the opportunity to test it out.
Received mine yesterday will be fitting it on Monday as I have a few things on today. Arrived just at the right time as I need to change my blade from a 1/4" to a larger one for some cutting. So should be able to give my initial findings early during the week.
Mine arrived Saturday morning, not had chance to try it yet, hopefully will use at the weekend. Thanks Axminster. :D
Mine's an 88" - I was a little surprised at the choice of teeth 6 - 10 or iirc 10 - 14. The cut is extremely clean (6- 10), but I'd have thought a better tooth format would be for a good rip and a passable crosscut, rather than a perfect crosscut and a near impossible rip - how many people use the bandsaw predominately for crosscutting?
Still - a very useful freebie, and I expect they will introduce a larger range of tooth formats.
Mine arrived today, Good going really as it was out of stock last Thursday.
Many thanks to Richard@axminster.
I'll hopefully be back in the workshop next week and have a test saw.
Regards Rodders
My Mum advised that mine arrived yesterday . Thank you. Will take me a while to get round to using it as I have to build a bathroom in the next few weeks.
Mine arrived yesterday , many thanks to Richard for this very generous offer!

Regard woodbutcher2
Mine arrived a few days ago too. Many thanks again. About to go on hols so will be a couple of weeks before I can try

Hope I'm not too late?

112" x 1/2"
6 - 10 vari pitch



Oops - just realised I'm way too late. (Note to self, - scroll to last page before hitting reply button!)

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