Fancy a FREE Axcaliber Premium Bandsaw Blade?

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Hi all,

Many thanks for the fantastic interest shown in these bandsaw blades. We now have our 20!

We'll be in touch shortly via PM to confirm blade sizes and sort delivery.

Thanks again!
Many thanks to all for the interest shown in these Bandsaw Blades and also for getting back to me to confirm sizes/specs and contact/delivery details.

All being well the blades will be processed on Monday, and then with you 2-3 days later.

Thanks again!
Yes please if I am not too late.

Would like to try
1640mm (64.5")
0.025mm width (1/2")
10-14 vari pitch
I think you missed the cutoff. There was a note from Richard a few posts back saying that they had their 20.
My Blade arrived this morning, appreciate the opportunity to try one out, looking forward to giving it a go.

Many thanks =D>
1 blade better off here too - very quick delivery indeed
Up to my ears in other stuff at the moment - will hope to try it soon
Many Thanks