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18 May 2022
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I’ve been (slowly) expanding my workshop and now am in need of an extractor that I will (eventually) set up as part of a whole ‘shop’ system. I want to be able to use the thicknesser / planer without having to drag it outside and in general I just need something effective & efficient.
I’ve been looking at the Axminster & Sealey (couple of other brands too but all seem much of a muchness) wall mounted extractors:

My question is…if I already have a cyclone and a shop air filter, will I still benefit from getting an extractor with a filter like:

Priorities wise I’d say it’s
- Noise
- Size
- Budget
In that order although I don’t have mega ££ to be spanking (thanks to my growing festool addiction 😫).

Workshop space is VERY limited atm which is why I was looking at the wall mounted ones but anything relatively compact & mobile is fine.

Suggestions & advice please 🤯

Ps have already fallen down a YT hole ‘researching’ this so please no more videos! 🤣


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5 Oct 2014
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Sunny Glasgow
I've just bought one. The axminster Craft AC153E(now called the AW153E)
I've yet to set it up yet- still reorganizing the workroom, but eventually when I do i'l add a review to it.

I spent a fair bit of time trying to pick one, but i would say go for a big a motor as possible. The one above is 2hp, claims to shift 2000 cubic meters of air/hr which should be fine for everything, the thicknesser being the machine that needs the greatest airflow
I looked at the AP50E and liked that due to it having a fine filter, but the airflow(920m3/hr) i felt was bordering the minimum for most machines*, and i'd rather have more than less.
*eg the basic 216mm axminster sawbench requires 850m3/h(254mm saw requires 1000m3/hr )and their craft PT is wanting 1000m3/hr with most other thicknessers looking at that level of airflow as a minimum.

Plus if you want to set it up as part of a system, some will be lost to the lengths of 100mmm tubing, so again the greater airflow will help negate some of that loss.

So if i were you I'd look more towards the AW153E, especially if you want it to be part of a system. My intention was to get the 153, then at a later stage buy the fine filter drum(£199), so it wasn't such a big outlay all at once.

You buy the main extractor, then a couple to a a few months later get the fine filter(i'm actually buying the fine filter for mine today- via ebay as theres no postal costs to add)

Noise -
A thicknesser at full tilt is seriously loud, and sawing timber is also loud, as such you will be wearing headphones for 99% of the time so the added noise of a saw/PT and extractor shouldn't matter.

Axminster on ebay-

Axminster outlet/clearance on ebay -