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14 Dec 2016
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hope you are all fit and well and staying safe

3 weeks ago I finally got sorted out with Axminster over my ex 30, , got a full refund for the saw and stand, I was going to buy a Jet but they had sold out, in a way I am glad as I would have been dealing with Axminster again, so bit the bullet and bought a Hegner multispeed 2, its way behind the technology of the Axminster, the table is smaller and aluminum, an the blade clamps are taking some getting used to, I have to keep finding them on the floor when they fall out, and the top arm dose not lift as far up as the ex machines the table problem can be sorted out by making an extension both sides of the table with a 5 mm plastic sheet on stilts - for want of a better word - and a couple of drawers one each side for blades etc .

On the whole its a better machine a lot quieter sturdier and in general a pleasure to use, its a pity from a scrollers point of view that there is not a greater choice of middle to top class machines to choose from, only Axminster and Hegner - unless I am missing something - it was once upon a time possible to get a Delta but they have been discontinued in the UK, same as Jet now and the dewalt never came here, they ca n all be bought in and use a 120 to 240 transformer, but its getting warranty work done and spares that be will the main problem there, on top of which there is now a tax on goods coming from the states, I have been caught out twice on that score with buying flying Dutchman blades, so unfortunately I have had to start using Niqua from the Hegner site plus they are cheaper £18+ for 144 blades, they do not do an ultra reverse, although they are made in the same factory as the FD, which seems strange.


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18 Feb 2011
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Switzerland, near Basel
Please have a look at the link that Droogs posted in this Scrolling Section. It's from a US site but explains pretty well "what's happened to Excalibur Saws?" (or a rather similar title, I forget exactly).

That seems to confirm what I've suspected for some time - it seems that there ARE some differences/internal cheapenings between the "Pegas"/"Excalibur" branded machine that I bought in 2015 in Germany (and which as often said, hasn't given me a moment of trouble since) and the "Axminster Tools" version which looks "identical" but which it seems is far from it.

Both Droogs and I own "real Excalibur" machines, and following posts from yourself and others John, we both began to suspect that the Axi version has been somehow cheapened/downgraded, even though this is not apparent from pictures of both machgines (onlycolour and badges seem to differ). Droogs' link to the US site seems to confirm that conclusion, and that seems to have been going on since at least 2017/8 or perhaps earlier.

Still, little help for you (and others) I realise, so best of luck with your Hegner mate.

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John, I've found the link to the info detailed above:

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12 Jan 2020
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Got a replacement ex 30 for my old one , not many weeks ago, and already the problems are starting, last night while cutting 3 cms piece of wood, the blade eused to go where i wanted it to , so checked everything out, and found the bottom bush on the linkage that holds the pegas chuck is shot, and the arm is doing its thing and dropping, despite adjustments being made, no wonder they wouldn't extend my warranty.

On another topic anyone thinking of buying a Dremel drill my advice is dont I have had two that broke during warranty and one that has just gave up the ghost , just out of warranty, got in touch with Bosch uk and they dont want to know , no possibility of a repair, as its out of warranty and as for where I could get spares for it again they did not care,

take care
With regard to your problems with Dremel drills, my own experience of these completely mirrors yours. The first one I bought developed massive vibration after about 10 months light use. I returned it under guarantee, and they sent me a replacement which was actually a refurbished one.
This lasted a similar time before it went the same way as the first. Fortunately my daughter-in-law worked for Woolies in those days and she got me a cheapo Chinese clone that was much better than the Dremel in every respect. After years of abuse this also failed, so after a trip to Axminster, I replaced it with a Proxxon, which is a massive improvement - quieter, far less vibration and easier to hold. I highly recommend Proxxon mini drills.