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Elu Planer Spares + Router


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18 Feb 2020
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Chichester West Sussex
Hi new here 1st post, although I've been lurking for some months studying the wealth of interesting information and tips here

I took early retirement christmas 2018 from working in the architectural and structural metalworking fabrication business after over 34 years in the same business

Anyway I have taken up wood carving, turning and a little woodworking and also enjoy buying hand planes and restoring them to I think a good standard and selling on as a hobbie

My father in law whos over 90 (very good woodworker) and not in the best of health recently gave me most of his woodworking power and hand tools.

Amonst these was a Elu MFF 80 planer that I managed to break (dryed bearings and plastic housing)- anybody on here know where I might get these spares + I might be after a cheap elu router as have saw and table that I think a router will fit

Thnaks for any replies in advance


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27 Sep 2009
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western coast of Finland
Peter Weiss in Riedering in Bayern sells some parts for elderly Elu machines. Both old parts and new old stock and newly made parts. I would try to get in contact with him and ask whether he has anything for that very model.
Herr Weiss is a walking encyklopedia on anything Elu. In the best German tradition of thoroughness and orderliness and excellence in every detail. He is now retired from his rather sizable machinistry business and dealing in Elu spareparts is his style of retirement.

He speaks only German and has no e-mail so you will need to find someone who knows German and either is willing to call him on the phone or write a letter on paper. I have his contact information if you are interrested.