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Elu Dovetail Jig - Ended


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26 Dec 2017
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United Kingdom
I have an original Elu dovetail jig for use with a 1/4" router. I haven't used it in some years so it's time to offer it up to anyone who can make better use of it.
The jig is in good condition for its age and little used, but there's some light rust on the top of the steel comb and, annoyingly, some bubbling the paint along the front vertical edge where one of the boards clamps.
If I were keeping it, I'd sand off the paint from the front edge and glue a length of abrasive along it to grip the timber when the jig's in use.
I can include the original guide bush to fit the comb and a pair of screws for it. I don't have a spare cutter.

As I will need to buy another small guide bush which I sometimes use for other jobs, I'm willing to let it go for the price of a bush and the postage cost. So £25 delivered to mainland UK. Paypal friends and family please.

If anyone wants it, post here first and then drop me a PM with your details.
Thanks for looking.

Elu jig.jpg

Elu jig_2.jpg

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